Cleaning Up On The Web With AJAX

Tom Taulli, AJAX hakkında bir giriş yazısı yazmış ve A –> asynchronous, J –>JavaScript, X –> XML demiş.

AJAX uygulamalarda sayfa görüntülenme ölçümleriyle ilgili söyledikleri tartışmaya açık;

While a popular approach to monetizing AJAX applications is advertising, there is a problem: There are no “page views.” For example, suppose that on an AJAX Web page, you want to view the body of a news article, so you click a news headline link. Rather than refresh the entire page (a page view) as you would with a traditional web page, the AJAX technology downloads just the body of the news article and rearranges the Web page to present the article content.

“Because there are no longer page views, we are worried that the Web site analytics companies, like Nielsen/NetRatings, will not accurately count the traffic to AJAX style sites,” said Robert Labatt, the CEO of Yuku, a blogging software based on AJAX. “But, ultimately, an AJAX application is likely to be better for advertisers because it provides better control over when, where and how ads are viewed.”

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